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Aims & Objectives of the European Reminiscence Network

  • To increase the profile of reminiscence work throughout Europe through exemplary projects and to reinforce the importance of valuing older peoples memories and life experience
  • To share best practice in reminiscence work and to exchange skills across national boundaries
  • To organise conferences, seminars and festivals to share work and exchange ideas. Image below: 1995 Festival audience
  • 1995 Festival AudienceTo undertake collaborative action-research projects in reminiscence with practitioners in different European countries
  • To develop and encourage trans-national projects which actively involve older people in creative reminiscence-based activities designed to increase inter-cultural and inter-generational understanding
  • To improve the quality of care for dependent older people by encouraging staff to develop reminiscence skills which personalise care in homes, hospitals and in the community
  • To develop projects which maximise the life experience of older people from migrant and ethnic minority groups, and to encourage the recording and dissemination of their reminiscences to the wider community
  • To provide educational workshops, training courses and practical support for people wishing to develop and deliver reminiscence projects in different European countries
  • To facilitate collaborative reminiscence work across different fields, such as health, social services, education, arts and cultural work
  • To publish and disseminate the results of our projects




















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